the bread and the wine


…They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God…
Acts 2:46 & 47

Breaking bread requires a certain level of humility. In Communion, the breaking of bread is a symbol of the most humble act of Christianity–the body of Christ broken for all mankind, the blood of Christ shed for all mankind. I find I can be absolutely prideful in every moment of every day except when I take Communion. It’s a reminder for me that I needed that sacrifice to be made for me so that my soul can be whole and well. I can’t be whole on my own.

The concept of breaking bread with friends is similar to that for me. If we are to view one another as brothers and sisters in Christ, knowing that we are all made in Christ’s image, shouldn’t my relationships be approached in the utmost posture of humility? Just as I approach the table for Communion, I should also approach the people in my life with reverence and a lack of pride or any self-seeking motive.

Written to the tune of “Break Bread” and “Bread & Wine” both by the wonderful Josh Garrels


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